My day as a fashion model

A day in the life of a Model.

I had always envied those glossy magazine models. But wearing amazing outfits while strutting along the catwalk, or taking part in a photo shoot in a tropical location, could be nothing more than a dream.

Then suddenly, and rather surprisingly , the dream came true......well almost. I wasn't on a far-away island, or posing on a platform watched by fashion experts, but in my mind, I came fairly close to it.

The day had started with a visit to Manchester to see Deborah, who runs the Guys to Girls dressing service. I have been there several times before, but this visit was rather different! Instead of spending a couple of hours trying on various outfits, she suggested, as the sun was shining, I just might like to spend the day as her model. Having some outside shots sounded really exciting! I didn't need asking twice!

And so began an amazing day, which I will remember and cherish forever.

My day as a model began by sitting at the dressing table wearing a Japanese silk kimono, while Deborah applied my make-up. Being made up by Deborah, has always been such a wonderful experience. She pays so much attention to detail and only the best is good enough!

She then produced a bra, panties, suspenders and a basque in a gorgeous bright red , over which I wore a black satin robe. Then came a beautiful long, blonde wig. It was an experience to savour. After a few indoor shots, it was time for the next outfit change.

Very soon we were off outdoors, and the next outfit I wore for the "photoshoot" was a lovely floral dress, fur coat, read short leather gloves, black patent peep-hole shoes, with red soles and heels and skin-tone stockings. I felt wonderful as we strolled among the trees and bushes, flicking my hair, posing, serious expressions, smiling and feeling so glamorous.

Then it was back to the salon, to be transformed into a "biker's chic". Long black wig , black and blue leather skirt, black leather biker's jacket, and black patent stilettos, with sunglasses, cheekily perching on the top of my head.

Oh how sexy and sassy I felt at that moment!!

Then I stripped down to the red lingerie, and put on elbow length, red satin gloves. I was suddenly seized by a warm feeling of sensual serenity. And when Deborah told me to pout my red lips towards the camera, I really did, almost feel as though, I was a page 3 model. What an exhilarating experience!

For my final wardrobe change, I became a maid and wore a gorgeous black and pink satin outfit with frilly petticoats and knickers to match.

The layers of petticoats made my waist look absolutely tiny!!

Upon reflection, it was a wonderful day, and I have had a sky-high feeling ever since. My confidence has been bolstered and I can't thank Deborah enough for her time and patience, for putting me completely at ease and making me feel like a Super Model, for a day.