T-Girl Barbara describes a night to remember

I can’t believe it really happened. But I wasn’t dreaming. Three waitresses in the restaurant actually came to the table to sing Happy Birthday to You. I was with Deborah in a Manchester city centre restaurant and as a waitress presented us with the menus she asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. Deborah explained that it was my birthday and a few minutes later, while I had popped to the loo, the waitress returned and asked Deborah what my name was.

As we were finishing our meal three waitresses arrived at the table carrying a small cake with a flickering candle and sang the birthday song which contained the magical line “Happy Birthday Dear Barbara.” It was an emotional moment of pure pleasure and happiness. What a wonderful memory and what a magnificent tribute to Deborah who amazingly makes me look so stunningly feminine every time we go out together. She always comes up with a wonderful outfit and her make-up skills are beyond belief.

I have been dressing for 25 years and in the past there have been occasions when I have wondered whether other people might perhaps have wondered about my gender. But since I discovered Deborah six years ago I have had no doubts at all, and neither has anyone else.


Angela (aka Alan) describes an unforgettable experience during a visit to a new dressing service

It was a memorable moment. We had just taken our seats in the quaint bistro when the waitress came to our table and said "What can I get you ladies?"

Ladies. She said LADIES. There were just two of us at the table -- my companion, Deborah, who recently launched a new dressing service on the outskirts of Manchester, and me. So the waitress was actually referring to me as a lady. It was a moment to savour, a moment I had longed for but thought could never happen.

For years I had wanted to sample life as a lady. but circumstances dictated that i could only go as far as secretly dressing in underwear and tights on occasions when I was alone at home.

Then, while reading a copy of Transliving I saw Deborah's advertisement for her new Guys to Girls dressing service which was based fairly close to the area in which I live. I phoned her and had a lovely chat after which I made an appointment for the following week.

I confess to feeling a little nervous as I rang the bell at her very pleasant premises, but i need not have worried. Deborah immediately put me at my ease and over a coffee we discussed my long-held desires. She suggested what I should wear and I felt absolutely wonderful as I was slowly transformed. She applied my make-up with the delicate touch of an expert and then invited me to look in the mirror. I was overwhelmed by a warm feeling of thorough happiness. I was looking at a lady. It was an emotional moment.

Then she said "What would you like to do now?" More in hope than expectation, I asked if we could go out. "Why not," she said. "You look lovely." And so it was that we went into town, had a look round some shops and then headed for the bistro where my dreams came true.

Needless to say, I have already booked a series of appointments with Deborah. X

"Why haven't I found you before !! You ticked every one of my boxes. "
Tammy ( Thomas ), Bristol

".......when I looked in the mirror I saw a real lady, and felt like a real lady too. Thank you so much. "
Charlotte ( Charles ) Oxford.

"There is only one word to summarise my wonderful visit.......Amazing. "
Barbara ( Peter ) Hertfordshire.

"What a truly memorable experience. No wonder you have so many Thank You cards, on your shelf."
Lisa ( Larry ) Huddersfield

"For years I had wanted to dress as a lady but thought it would never be possible. Then I had the good fortune to see your advertisement. Then to spend four wonderful hours with you was sensational. A dream had come true.Thank you. Thank you"
Pamela (Peter), Knutsford

"Being pampered, made up and dressed was a truly magical experience. Thank you for making me feel so special."
Helen (Stephen), Wrexham

"Before making an appointment to visit you, I had visited two dressing services but found them less than satisfactory. But you were so different and I do thank you for making my visit so enjoyable. You will be seeing plenty of me in the future."
Barbara (Bernard), Leeds

"I was rather nervous when I rang your doorbell but I needn't have worried because you created a warm atmosphere of pure relaxation. Nothing was hurried and when i left i felt as though i had been visiting an old friend"
Jenny (John), Manchester

" I had been to a dressing service before and the make-up took under five minutes. How wonderful it was that you paid such attention to detail doing a make up which took more than half an hour. When you told me to look in the mirror I was amazed. I saw a real lady. I'll be back."
Suzanne (William), Wirral

"Thank you for taking so much time and trouble to transform me into an elegant lady. Your advice about the type of clothes to wear was so helpful. Thank you for your gentle encouragement"
Chloe (Charles), Warrington