TV / Crossdressing

I certainly have fun with my cross-dressers, transforming them into the little sissy sluts of their dreams!!

I provide feminization, as a wonderful form of humiliation.

I love teasing and tormenting you, in your heels and stockings, as well as teaching you how to behave properly!!

I provide a dressing service, make-up lessons, as well as advice on clothes to suit your body type.

I have wigs, shoes and dresses to fit every shape and size. So don't be shy, explore your feminine side with a woman who understands.

How I love to strip you of your boring male attire, and order you to wear silky soft panties with stockings and suspenders! Little skirts,bras and corsets, to show off your curves!!"

When you are transformed into my little girl plaything, I will then proceed to tease and torment you mercilessly.

If you are a naughty little girl, your panties will be lowered, and your bare bottom will be lovingly spanked, over my knee!

To find out more call me on 07739 079559 or email me on