In My stories the plot's banality can be its very point. Few sexual fantasies are original. When structure provides a familiar terrain it leaves your imagination free to play with the detail. My fantasies exist to satisfy My desire, not to win creative awards. I create a kind of truth rather than describing a pre-existing one. My fiction is written using the raw materials of My real world experiences. I don't reproduce exactly what happened, which would be to write history but rather I aim to create an alternative reality. The truth comes from the work itself, not something exterior to it.

I'm such a believer in the beauty and potential of humanity that when it lets Me down, it's really disappointing, and My scorn is something to behold! When I write, I try to show that sometimes humans can be at their best in the worst situations, and that everything good about us has a shadow. I also believe in the redeeming power of humour and many of My tales have a tongue in cheek aspect.

"A woman is often a wonderful thing. And you are. But in you, as in all of them, is the indifference of Carmen, the joy in cruelty of Cleopatra, the tyrannical marble-heartedness of Katherine de Medici, and the cold glitter of all the passionless despots of men's warm souls since sex first originated -- since Eve broke the heart of humanity forever and laughed with sadistic joy at Adam sweating blood on the rack she made for him"

- James Thurber

1. The Future Belongs To Women

2. Teacher's Pet

3. Figure of Eight Club

4. Light Relief

5. The Goddess Chronicles

6. Nine

7. Deification of the Feminine (essay)

8. Sex on Legs (essay)

9. Flying High

10. She Makes Hungry

11. The Clinic is the Best Place For You

12. Snout Mask Replica

13. Anguish of the Flesh

14. Marquises Revenge

15. Empress of the Fields

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