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I am a professional oriental mistress. My name is Mistress Mia. I am 5ft 4" tall, weigh 7st, have long dark hair. I am a stunning, sophisticated mistress also very strong and educated. I am the unique combination of a women's sensuality and cruelty. I can be stern and sadistic or wickedly seductive and teasing depending on my mood. I have a wide variety of dominate pvc, rubber and leather outfits suited to many scenarios.

I am exceptionally skilled in feminisation and enforced feminisation but there are many more talents to Mistress Mia that will interest you. Other areas of my expertise would be corporal punishment, bondage and worship of my selection of 6" stilettos or my black pvc thigh length boots.

Now I am looking for true submissives who will let me use your gift of submission as my grounding force as I find thrills, excitement and fulfill my deepest yearnings. I expect you to be humble, obedient and intelligent. You will follow all my commands, wishes and desires. You will obey me, if you do not then you will be humiliated and punished.
I respect all limitations and employ a safe word especially with novice, though I am strong and sadistic and will certainly push you to your limits.
Phone: 0141 847 0185
Email: mistress_mia2003@yahoo.co.uk